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Screens will turn into charger?


The researchers in Japan have found a breathtaking technology in which ,in coming future, you will be able to charge your phone by simply exposing it to light. In their research, they have developed a technology in which an array of LEDs on a display can absorb light and turn it into energy. New Atlas reported that the display also has a few more tricks under its sleeve.

Presently, the model is on small scale only but researchers believe that they can work on this. Moonsub Shim, lead author of the study, explained to New Atlas, “The key improvement would be in the device being able to absorb much more of the ambient light.However, displays also need to emit light and that imposes a limitation. I think there are ways around this problem but further research is needed.”

The other hoax that display can help with is to create interactive displays. They could automatically adjust their brightness depending on ambient light. On one hand, this is similar to how some laptops and mobile devices will automatically dim when the room is brighter, on the other hand, it could offer something more.

It is clear that a lot more work is needed, and the researchers say they are only touching the surface of what is possible. Their demonstrations so far have involved only red LEDs and they are now working on methods that would incorporate green and blue pixels too, as well as altering the composition of the nanorods with a view to boosting their light-harvesting capacity.

Image Source: New Atlas


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