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No iPhone 8 in 2017


Apple’s iPhone is one of the few phones which is surrounded by rumors about the next edition as soon as the current edition is launched. Since iPhone 7 and 7 plus were launched last year, there are rumors all around for the iPhone 8.

Yes there was a strong rumor that there would be  iPhone directly as 2017 marks the 10 th anniversary of the iPhone line up and Apple has made some big changes to the  popular smartphone.

But according to a new report by IBT, foxconn has revived orders for iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which is the one of the biggest manufacturer of iPhone. This is a bit disappointing as if we look at history “S” editions of the iPhone means improvement to the previous model and no big change.

According to IBT, source authenticity is yet not confirmed so there might be an iPhone 8 directly but even if we have 7S and they come up with some innovative change, 7S would be equally appreciated.

Let us know what do you expect from the new iPhone.


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