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Color Grading Tutorial Using Flimora : Cinematic Look


Hey what-sup guys welcome to Sid Tech, In this video I am going to show you how to color grade your videos or do color correction using Flimora Video Editor, I am also going to show you how to get that cinematic feel in the later part of this video, so without much further a do let’s get started.

After opening up Flimora import the clips that you want to use, then add these into the timeline, do add the clip  at this top layer to use the color grading tool. double click on the clip and you will find a color palate icon above it, that’s your color grading tool .

Open it, now you have two options adjust or preset, we will talk about preset later, Now in adjust you can adjust almost everything from white balance to color,light  HSL and vignette. Now if you know how all these works then you can go ahead otherwise change the numbers and watch the footage on your right to choose what is best for you.

Advanced users can also use histogram to know how the changes are affecting the footage. Now coming to presets, presets are pre-adjusted color white balance etc according to a particular theme , if you don’t want to get too technical presets are the way to go. You have many presets installed in flimora use them too your liking.

These presets can also be found in the 3D Luts option in the adjust menu and from here you can also add additional lut which you can download from the web and use, just click on add new and select the file. There are different preview modes also available to choose them according t your liking.

Now coming to the cinematic effect , first off all you need to select a preset or lut according to you theme, then add these cinematic bar which you find on google and boom you are good to go . If you are a youtuber do note after adding this to your video, you will not be able to use the end screen option as the video resolution would change.

So this is pretty much it guys, the best way to do color grading or color correction is to keep trying new combinations and choose the one which suits. if you want more videos on Flimora let me know in the comments below, and subscribe to my channel this is Siddhant signing off keep smiling.

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