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Mi Band HRX Edition VS Intex Fitrist Cardio


Hey whatsup guys welcome to Sid Tech and in this video let’s compare the Mi band HRX Edition with the Intex Fitrist Cardio. So without much any further ado let’s get started.

The Mi band HRX is priced at ₹1,299 and the Fitrist cardio at ₹1,499, so there is ₹200 difference. Let’s start with the design first, both the bands sports an OLED display and uses rubber strap for wearing the band, I found the strap on the Fitrsit cardio better than on Mi band.  Fitrist cardio has a slightly larger display at 0.86 inches as opposed to .40 on the mi band. Both the bands uses a touch type capacitive button for navigation which works fine on both.

With Mi band you can take out the actual tracker from the strap and add a new strap but with Fitrist cardio you can’t do that. Both the bands comes with a propriety charging cradle and you have to take out the tracker in the mi band to charge the device. Overall I think charging mi band is more convenient as the charging cradle with the Fitrist cardio is not good.

Both the bands are water resistant meaning a few splashes or taking it out in rain will not affect the band. Both the bands comes with smart notification features and both does a pretty good job in showing them but in Fitrist cardio you can control music and click pictures through the band acting as a remote . There is also a twist to wake feature on both the bands but Mi band does it better.

Intex Fitrist Cardio also comes with a heart rate sensor which is absent on the Mi band hrx editon but is a hit or miss on the Fitrist cardio. Both the bands are paired through their respective apps and Xiaomi’s Mi fit app is way better than the Fitrist cardio app. There is no comparison in this aspect, you can also sync your Mi band data with the Google Fit app.

Now coming to the main part fitness tracking.  Here again Mi band hrx beats Fitrist cardio, as I told in my cardio review the band doesn’t update in real time and also counts more steps and the actual steps where as the step tracking on the mi band is accurate. Sleep tracking on both the bands is a hit or miss and cannot be relied upon. So now looking at the price features and the accuracy i would strongly suggest you to go with the Mi band HRX Editon.

Now as it is an introductory price mi band might go upto ₹1,799 in the future then if you need band only for it’s smart feature and you don’t really care about fitness tracking go with the Fitrsit cardio. I also have the orignal fitrist band. Do you want me to compare to the Mi band hrx edition? Let me know in the comments below.

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