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Google To Disable Touch Input On The Google Home Mini After Constant Recording Reports


Ever since Google launched it’s new Google Home Mini speaker, there were reports that due to hardware and software issues Google Home Mini is constantly recording the sound and sending all the data back to the Google.

And now Google has announced that they will permanently disable the touch input feature on all the Google Home mini devices. Which means you cannot do inputs like touch to play or pause audio.

The problem is due to Google Home Mini’s new fabric cover which is too sensitive which automatically enables Google Home Mini to listen which results in constant recording of the sound by the speaker. This means even if you don’t say Ok Google or Hey Google and ask a question the home mini will respond.

Google fixed it by a software update by disabling the touch inputs and looks like Google is not bringing the touch input back to the speakers. So you will have to use voice commands only to operate the device. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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