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Mi Band HRX Edition Review – Is it Worth the Price?


Xiaomi re-launched the Mi Band 2 without a heart rate sensor in partnership with the HRX Brand owned by Hritik Roshan and named it Mi Band HRX Edition. Is it worth the Price?  Hey Whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and this is my review of the Mi Band HRX Edition, Let’s get started.

The design is same as the Mi band 2 with a 0.4 inch OLED display which shows you the time, step count, distance, calorie burn etc and a touch type capacitive button for navigation. The only change here is the lack of a heart rate sensor at the back.

Xiaomi said that removing the heart rate sensor gave them a battery life of 23 days. With my usage it lasted for 14 days on a single charge which is acceptable as I had turned on the lift wrist to wake the display and I get a lot of notifications on a daily basis and we can’t ignore the fact that there is no other wearable at this price which gives even 10 days of battery life.

The band is water resistant too and you don’t have to worry about a few splashes or taking it out in the rain. Band comes with many smart features like notifications alert, silent alarm and my favorite is idle time which tells you to take a walk if you are sitting idle for a long time. All of these features works perfectly on the band and I had no problems. Lift wrist to show time is 80% accurate and I find it very convenient.Though the Xiaomi’s own app is sufficient but for the fitness freaks you can also connect to the Google Fit app.

Now coming to the main part fitness tracking. Fitness tracking has always been accurate with the Xiaomi’s Mi band line up. Same is the case with HRX Edition, what surprised me here was the sleep time accuracy. It is still not perfect but has improved a lot from the first Mi band.

So the answer to the question is it worth the price?  By adding ₹200 more you can get the Fitrist cardio, I have made a dedicated video comparing both the band you can check it out. At ₹1,299 I would say it is a great buy getting a ₹1,800 or ₹2000 band just for an additional hear rate sensor and a inferior battery life is not worth it especially when you know the sensor is not accurate. Though nothing can beat that awesome battery life of the Original Mi band , Mi band HRX is a great buy. So this is it guys from this video. Is having a heart rate sensor essential for you? let me know in the comments below and stay tuned to Sid Tech for more product reviews.

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