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Leaf Ear Wireless Earphones Review – Best Bluetooth Headphones Under ₹2,500?


Hey, Whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and you are watching my review of the Life Ear Wireless Earphones Let’s get started. You can buy them from Amazon for ₹2,499 or get it from Leaf’s official website. Use the Discount Code: SIDDHANT10 to get flat 10% off


Let’s start with build and design first, it is completely made out of plastic but doesn’t feel cheap except the button on the right earbud, it feels a bit cheaper than the rest of the build. The design is very ergonomic and the headphones fit comfortably which is crucial for wireless sports earphones. You get two additional ear tips and earhooks choose the one which suits you the best, for a better experience. The headphones are comfortable to wear and will not fall down when you are running or doing some exercise. Volume controls can be found on the right earbud and you can long press the power button for pairing and turn off the earphones. It also comes with a carrying case which is essential for these types of earbuds.


The company claims 8 hours of battery life but you can easily get around 7 hours on a single charge rest depends upon your usage. It can get fully charged in about an hour or an hour and a half. The microphone is placed at the left earbud and the call quality is good but you will face problems in a noisy environment, so I will say the overall call quality is average.

Audio Quality

Now coming to the main part audio quality. The overall listing experience is good and though the base is not that effective, it certainly better than the other wireless options available at this price. At higher volumes, the sounds get distorted and I would prefer to keep the volume at 6-0-70 that is the sweet spot in which the sound is clear and you are completely isolated from the outside world.

Final Verdict

So should you buy it? If you are looking for wireless earphones and you play a lot of sports or you want to do some physical activity while listing to music definately a big yes from my side but if you want to just casually listen to music you can go for some over the ear wired headphones. 

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