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Envent Boombud Bluetooth Headphone Review


There are many Bluetooth headphones available in the market today but only a few offer functionality of using them both wirelessly and with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Envent Boombud Bluetooth headphones offer this functionality at a price of ₹1,599. The Bluetooth headphone is available via Amazon India.

Build and Design

The Envent Boombud headphone has a headband style design and is completely made out of plastic. The band comes with a matte finish at the top and rubber finish inside, making it comfortable to wear. It does not come with your traditional round earcups instead it has unique square shape earcups. Which though looks good but are not the most comfortable headphones especially for longer usage.

The headphones come with a power slide button on the right-hand side to turn on the headphones for Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a micro USB port for charging. The volume up and down buttons can be found on the left-hand side which can also be used for skipping tracks. The headphone also comes with an aux port for connecting the aux cable if you don’t want to connect to a Bluetooth device.

There is large call button on the earcup with integrated LED lights. You can use the button to take and end calls. Blinking LED lights indicate that the headphone is in the pairing mode. The headphone is also adjustable and can be stretched a little bit. Overall the build quality is OK.

Features and Battery Life

The headphone can connect to two devices simultaneously and switch between the devices is smooth. It also comes with voice prompts which we think every headphone should have. You can also easily switch to the wired mode by using the aux cable and turning off the headphones.


The headphone comes with a pretty decent battery life of around 9 hours on a single charge and takes around 2 hours to charge completely. Charging is indicated via a red light and blue light indicated full charged. It also indicates low battery via flashing red light and voice prompt.

The pairing process is smooth too and is also indicated via these LED lights. When Blue lights flash slowly it means that your headphone is connected via Bluetooth. It will show red and blue lights alternatively when it is ready to pair and is waiting for you to connect. Overall for a price of less than ₹2000, it is offering some amazing features.

Sound Quality

Now coming to the main aspect of any headphone the sound quality. First of all the sound is very clear and though it does not comes with active noise canceling it does eliminate some of the background noise. It would have been even better if there were circular earcups.


The base is average and is not the ideal choice if you are looking for bass heavy headphones. The inbuilt microphone does a pretty good job as the call quality was decent and the other party was easily able to hear my voice. Overall the sound quality is good.

Final Verdict

First of all the features you are getting for the price is really good and if you are not a bass lover then the sound quality is also pretty good but the only thing I think stops Envent Boombud in becoming the perfect headphones is the square earcups. I was not able to wear the headphones for more an hour due to the pain.

So if you are someone who does not want to listen to music for hours and just need a pair of headphones for casual music listening, gaming and watching your favorite series, and at the same time get some awesome features, go for it. But if you are someone like me who listens to the music for a lot of hours, I would not recommend these headphones. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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