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Acquisitions by Internet Giants – Who Owns Who ?


Acquisitions are a major trend within the world’s largest internet companies. In the last few years, we have seen some major companies buying the hottest new start-ups all around the globe. Acquisitions are nothing new, they have been happening for decades. But, now, as we see more and more innovative start-ups surfacing, these multi-million-dollar corporations seem to want to do nothing more than snap them up for themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest companies on the internet right now and their various acquisitions and takeovers of other companies.

  • Facebook

The world’s biggest social media site isn’t actually just a social media company; it made over 60 acquisitions in the 14 years since it has been around. The majority of its acquisitions have been US-based companies in the San Francisco Bay Area (or Silicon Valley). To date, the largest acquisitions made by Facebook have been Instagram (bought for $1 million in April 2012), Friendster, WhatsApp – the mobile messaging company- and Oculus, the virtual reality company.

  •  Google (now Alphabet Inc.)

Google has been around for a much longer time than Facebook and, in this time, has made a considerable number of major acquisitions which have shaken up the internet. Most notably, Google purchased YouTube back in 2006 only one year after its launch, which is now the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. Other purchases include Nest Labs which produce Google Home, Motorola( now owned by Lenovo), and Waze, a GPS-based navigation app.

  • Amazon

The world’s hottest company right now didn’t get to where it is just by selling books! Although Amazon started as an online bookseller, it has grown massively and now touches the lives of virtually everyone worldwide. Owned by who is now the world’s richest man – Jeff Bezos – Amazon has taken over lots of companies over the years as part of its growth efforts to infiltrate new industries.

It has purchased Audible, LoveFilm and Twitch, amongst other companies, a video game live-streaming service. More recently, Amazon has purchased Whole Foods Market for a whopping $13.7 billion.

  • eBay

eBay is without a doubt Amazon’s biggest competitor, and the online marketplace company has made some serious acquisitions over the years. Its biggest acquisitions include Gumtree, Skype, and PayPal.   Although it later sold Skype to Microsoft, it still owns Gumtree and PayPal and has also purchased the online discovery engine StumbleUpon. eBay’s acquisition strategy seems to be mopping up any and all companies it can in the e-commerce market.

  • Expedia

Travel giant Expedia is a travel company known for its advanced search options and fantastic offers that have bought companies operating in the travel and tech industry. In fact, one of Expedia’s most important strategies for growth is through acquisitions. Expedia’s major acquisitions include HomeAway, Orbitz, Travelocity,, and

It seems that the company – like many others – is acquiring businesses which operate in the same industry in order to establish a monopoly. These aren’t the only companies making the major acquisition. Take a look at the infographic linked below and discover for yourself which other companies are creating monopolies in their industries through acquisitions. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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