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Honor Band A2 VS Mi Band HRX Edition – Best Budget Fitness Band


Mi Band HRX Edition vs the Honor Band A2 is one the most requested comparison. So in this post let’s put both the budget fitness band side to side and see which one is a better option.

The Mi band HRX edition is available at a price of ₹1,299 and the Honor band A2 at ₹2,249, that is almost ₹1,000 more. Now Honor band A2 also comes with a heart rate sensor which is not present in the Mi Band HRX edition. The heart rate sensor is accurate, but many a time it is not able to track your heart rate,

In terms of design both the band are well build but Honor Band A2 is the clear winner as it looks much better. But with Mi band, You can take out the tracker from the band and swap it with a new band.  Mi band is known for its battery life and can easily last for 14 days while the Honor band a2 lasts for 7 and a half days.

Given that it has heart rate sensor 7 and a half days is not that bad. Charging the Honor band a2 is more convenient as you don’t have to take out the tracker like with the Mi Band. Both the bands are water resistant and few splashes of water won’t affect them. Both the band connect to your smartphone via dedicated apps and comes with smart notification features.

Notifications are better on the honor band a2 as you can see more information on the band itself.  With honor band A2 you will have to install two apps for more fitness data while you can get all the data on the Mi fit app by Xiaomi.  Now let’s talk about accuracy. Sleep data on both the bands is accurate for the most part but when it comes to steps tracking Mi band HRX edition is better.

Honor band A2 counts almost 25% more steps than you have actually taken. So now is 1k more price of the honor band a 2 justified for a heart rate sensor and a better-looking design?  It would have been if the tracking was accurate. So I would suggest you save your 1000 bucks and go for the Mi Band HRX edition. Or if you really want a heart rate sensor import a Mi band 2 via Banggood. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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