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Status of Tablets in 2018, Are Tablets Dead?


Tablets are amazing right, we can stream movies, listen to music and play games on big screen, but why are they being ditched today by many? You may have got a question that ‘Are Tablets Dead?’ Well, you are not the only one who has that question. Today lets discuss the Status of Tablets in 2018.

History of Tablets And Why They Failed?

Tablets were introduced first in 2010 and the first Tablet to launch was actually Apple’s iPad. Since then we saw competing companies launched their own tablets. Companies like Samsung, Sony and LG got into the market as there was a huge demand for Tablets back then. Then we saw the Nexus Tablet with its stock android and some cool features it attracted lots of customers.

Tablet was originally made for filling the gap between a smartphone and laptop and for that time it was great to have a tablet handy for watching movies and streaming media, but soon phablets started to take over tablets with there bigger screen size and pocket-friendly design.


Even though tablets were designed to do more than a smartphone and to work like a laptop but they failed because there was no new innovation in them, just a large display and some not so useful features. This time around Apple’s iPad was going decent as iPad offered more than just a big screen.

The major problem in Android tablets was that there were not many applications optimized for them. On the other side, there were few handful of games which were great such as fruit Ninja which is a classic arcade game which became instantly popular and was played more on tablets. Social media apps were in the browser version itself instead of optimized version for big screen tablets.

Another major problem seen in Android tablets was the updates, there were no stable updates and newer software version was always boycotted on these Android tablets which made them old. Apple iPad, on the other hand, got regular updates and lot more stable apps and fun games.

Tablet market share was slowly decreasing and it was almost time where only 10 to 15% of the people in the world were using tablets and most of the others were using their beloved smartphones as there streaming device.


Status of Tablets in 2018

This was the time when Microsoft launched its Surfacebook Pro in 2015 which was powered by windows which gave users ability to switch between a tablet and a laptop. Microsoft surface book had some decent features and the most important thing that other tablets didn’t concentrate on was the power. This laptop + tablet combo was really powerful which gave users ability to edit videos play games and stream media in a portable and powerful machine.

This time around Apple’s most powerful iPad Pro was also launched which was the fastest and the most stable tablet ever. Google also came into the competition with it’s Google Pixel C and now we are safe to say that tablets are not dead. Microsoft surface book and Apple’s iPad Pro are two of the most powerful tablets which people are still buying due to many useful features and their frequent updates.

Tablets are not Dead, but still, there are not many people using them but surely the market share of the number of tablet users has increased pretty significantly in last 2 years. Now it’s 2018 and let’s see which new tablet is going to impress the consumers, but for now, we can say that “Tablets are definitely not Dead!”

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