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Xiaomi Mi Mouse Review – Dual Pairing Mode


Xiaomi makes a lot of awesome products and brings only a handful of them to India. Xiaomi’s Mi Wireless Portable mouse is one of those products which is not yet officially available in India but we wish it was. You can get the Mi Mouse via Banggood for a price of around ₹1,500.


As we have got the product from China everything is in Chineses. Sliding out the box we have the mi mouse itself in the black color which looks really good going down further we have the user manual again in Chinese. It also comes with two-triple a batteries and a 2.4Ghz WiFi adapter inside the backplate.

Design and Features

Xiaomi Mi mouse is made out of aluminum shell which just like every other Xiaomi product looks and feels nice. It is definitely not the most ergonomic Mouse available but when it comes to portability it is really good. With its flat and sleek design, you can easily carry it in your pocket it uses two triple-A batteries which can be easily installed by removing the backplate.

You will also find the 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi adapter. The portable wireless mouse comes with the dual pairing mode with which you can connect via this 2.4 gigahertz adapter as well as via Bluetooth. You can switch between the two modes by pressing this button green light is for Wi-Fi adapter and the blue one is for Bluetooth.

The left and right mouse button worked fine you might face some difficulties in starting but will get used to it. The scrolling wheel in the middle is just awesome and I love to scroll through web pages via it. I also played some FPS games and thanks to the 1200 dpi it worked really well. But the mouse is not meant for gamers. If you are a casual gamer like me then it is fine. Lastly, the mouse can work well on any surface be it wood, metal or glass.

Final Verdict

At a price of a ₹1,500, if you want a portable mouse with dual-pairing mode this is a great option go for it. But for everyone else, there are many cheaper and better options available in India. If Xiaomi launches this officially in India under ₹1.000 it would sell well. If you have any doubts let me know in the comments below and Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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