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Top 6 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers in India/ Best Bluetooth Speaker For You!


You want to listen to music but your smartphone speaker is not that loud so you need a Bluetooth speaker right? Well, today we are going to showcase Top 6 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers in India. The Speakers are ranked from cheapest to priciest.


Top 6 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers

1. MuveAcoustics Box:

On the top, we have MuveAcoustics Box Bluetooth wireless speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is compact, portable and premium looking with a Bluetooth v4.2 technology which allows 30 feet of connection range. This speaker offers 6 hrs of music playback with a great sound signature. The MuveAcoustics Box Bluetooth speaker is available in three colours, the Flagship Blue, Snow White and Space Gold. This speaker is one of the cheapest priced speakers on this list with a price of Rs.1499. So overall this is a great speaker at a budget price.

Buy it here: MuveAcoustics Box Speaker

2. JBL Go:

JBL Go is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a well-renowned brand. The JBL Go portable Bluetooth speaker is JBL’s cheapest Bluetooth speaker with a price of Rs.1,799 which offers amazing sound with great bass. The speaker comes in a compact portable size with 3 watts of Audio output and gives 5 hrs of music playback on high volume. The speaker also comes with a mic and a 3.5mm jack so that you can continue to listen to music even if the battery of the speaker dead. Also, the speaker comes in many different colors. So if you want a good portable branded speaker then this Bluetooth speaker is the way to go.

Buy it here: Vplak / Amazon 

3. Portronics Posh:

Now if you want a premium looking speaker, the Portronics Posh Bluetooth speaker is the way to go. This speaker comes with a soft leather type finish which feels good in hands and looks premium as well. The speaker has a 6 watts of audio output which gives a crisp and loud sound and offers you a 5 to 6 hrs of battery life. The speaker has 10 meters of range and also comes with an Aux input. This speaker is priced at Rs.1,800 but the black color variant is available for as low as Rs.1,700. So overall a great looking and sounding speaker at this range.

Buy it here:  VplakAmazon


4. Zoook Rocker M2 Mean Machine:

If you want a loudest sounding and a big speaker then Zoook Rocker M2 is the way to go. This wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with a 10 watts of audio output which is the highest on this list and also offers a huge 3000mAh battery. The speaker also has a subwoofer which gives a cinema-like experience. Its big size justifies as it comes with 5 options/modes, you get an FM mode, SD card compatibility, Aux port, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity all this for just Rs.1,707. So if you want a loud sounding speaker with all these functionalities and if you are okay with the size, the Rocker M2 is the best speaker for you.

Buy it here: Zoook Rocker M2 Mean Machine

5. Zoook ZB Rocker 2:

Now we have another wireless speaker by Zoook which gives you a party-like experience. The Zoook ZB Rocker 2 is an amazing speaker which offers loud sound and great looks a well. This speaker comes with a 6-pattern LED lights which blink as per the music’s beat. The speaker also comes with 10 watts of audio output with a 4400mAh of battery giving you 10 hrs of playback time. The speaker is priced at Rs.2,495 which is a great price considering its features. So if you want a Disco speaker with great battery life and sound definitely take a look at ZB Rocker 2.

Buy it here: Zoook ZB Rocker 2


6. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker:

After shaking the budget smartphone segment, now Xiaomi has launched their Bluetooth speaker at a budget price. The Mi Bluetooth speaker is not the loudest sounding speaker but it definitely has a loud sound as it packs in 6 watts of audio output. The speaker also comes with an Aux input and a mic so that you can pick up the call directly through the speaker. It also comes with dual 36mm drivers which makes the audio sound crisp and provides you with a stereo experience. The speaker is priced at Rs.2,499 which is a really good price for a great sounding speaker.

Buy it here: Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

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