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Top 7 Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones/ Video Editors for Android and iPhone


Video editing can be quite painful sometimes, editing video day and night on your laptop or pc can get can be excruciating. So you want to edit the video in your convenience and ease, here you go today we showcasing Top 7 Best Video Editors for your smartphone, it doesn’t matter whether its an Android or iPhone you just need these apps on your smartphone and you are good to go.

Top 7 Best Video Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

1. Kinemaster:

Kinemaster is a full-fledged video editor for Android and iPhones. Kinemaster is not just your normal video editing app there is more to it, the video editing interface, the tools and overall experience of the app is like a professional video editing app found on Windows. Here you can add text, transitions, add filters, cut-trim, fast forward the video or slow it down and you can even do a voice over for the video. Not just this there are a lot of other tools and features which you can find in this app.

Download: Kinemaster for Android

Download: Kinemaster for iPhone


2. Filmora Go:

Filmora was first made for Desktop and then they created a sweet simple yet powerful video editor for smartphones as well. Filmora Go lets you create stunning videos on the go on your smartphone. Opening up the app you get an option to create videos, there you need to select multiple clips from your gallery or record videos directly and then edit it. Now just add music, text, transitions to the video finally save it. There are limited tools available here but those tools are pretty useful. So do check it out and edit on the go with Filmora Go.

Download: Filmora Go for Android

Download: Filmora Go for iPhone

3. Vizmato:

Vizmato is available for both Android and iPhones. With Vizmato you can create amazing video and best of all this is the easiest and simplest software to use. Opening the app you just need to select a video from the gallery and then play the video and click on several effects you want, there is various effects glitch, fast forward, echo effect, fluidic and few more. So overall a great video editor for basic edits but do remember that there will be a watermark on your video but it can be removed by paying a small fee.

Download: Vizmato for Android

Download: Vizmato for iPhone


4. Cute CUT:

Cute CUT is a more powerful video editor with a bunch of tools and effects. This video editor has most of the tools which you need to edit a video easily. You can add video overlays, different transitions, text etc. Do check out Cute CUT for editing fantastic videos on the go on your smartphone.

Download: Cute CUT for Android

Download: Cute CUT for iPhone

5. Quik by GoPro:

Those who are into vlogging should definitely take a lot at Quik which is a video editor especially made for people with GoPro but can be used to edit normal videos. This app packs some amazing tools, effects, text templates and more. But the whole point of this app is to make a vlog or a creative video out of all the footage on your smartphone. So you just need to add video and then add text, snap on some effects and boom your video will be ready.

Download: Quik for Android 

Download: Quik for iPhone

Now let’s see some best in class advance level video editing apps for iPhone and Android

6. Luma Fusion(Paid App for iPhone):

Luma Fusion is a full-fledged video editor available only on iPhone. This app is one of the best professional video editing apps so there is a bit of a learning curve here. With luma fusion you get an Adobe Premiere Pro type interface and also many tools are similar as found in Premiere Pro. Luma Fusion comes for a price of Rs. 1,649($24) which is for lifetime and trust on this you will not regret owning this app, so definitely buy it and start editing professional videos.

Download Luma Fusion for iPhone


7. PowerDirector(Free App for Android):

Cyberlink PowerDirector is another app similar to Kinemaster but it is limited to Android smartphones. Cyberlink offers some great tools which can be found in a premium paid software. PowerDirector offers tools such as chroma key, color grading, duplicate, text, transitions and more. This is one of the most advanced video editing apps for Android smartphones and the best thing is that it is Free.

Download PowerDirector for Android

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