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YouTube Studio Updated With Better Insights, New Metrics and Faster Access To News


YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world. There are a number of creators on YouTube who are making videos on YouTube as their full time job. Therefore YouTube should make sure that the platform is creator friendly and give them tools to expand their reach. YouTube has updated its creator studio with some much needed new features.

New Insights

Video insights are very important for creators as it gives them the much needed information about their audience. YouTube studio now comes with three new metrics in YouTube analytics including impressions, impressions click-through rate and unique viewers. These new metrics have been rolled out to small group of creators and will reach everyone in a few weeks.

  • Impressions

Impressions means no of times someone has seen your thumbnail on the homepage or suggested video or scrolling through the YouTube website. Impressions tell you the reach of your video, meaning to how many viewers your video has reached. It is an opportunity to earn view.

  • Impressions Click-Through Rate

This means no of times someone has clicked on your video to see it. With this you can know the how good is your thumbnail and title. So if there is 1000 impressions on your video on you have 10% click through rate, it means 100 viewers has clicked on your video to watch it.

  • Unique Viewers

A Unique viewer is a person who has watched your one of more number of videos over a period of time. Whether the person has watched it on desktop, mobile phone , the person will count a unique viewer. So with this you can get number of unique viewers you have over a period of time.

New YouTube Studio Dashboard

YouTube has also launched a new YouTube Studio Dashboard in which you can all your data, insights and news. “The new dashboard will now provide a snapshot of your latest upload, personalized recommendations, and instant access to news” YouTube announced via a blog post.

In this you will get video snapshot, it will show how your newest video is performing as compared to your previous videos over the same period of time. You will also get personalized recommendation from the creator academy to learn new things and later YouTube will also add a feature in which it will tell you why certain videos perform better than others.


Lastly you will also get all latest news from YouTube, be it a new feature or a new policy, everything in one place. This new YouTube studio dashboard will roll-out to all the channels in next couple of weeks. Have you go it? Let us know in the comments below and Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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