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Apple iOS 12 Released: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About the all new iOS 12


On Monday Apple released the next version of iOS, the iOS 12 at WWDC in California. The iOS 12 is now filled with new features, changes and improvements so let’s check out what iOS 12 has to offer.


What’s New in iOS 12?

So let’s start with performance, the iOS 12 is now much faster and stable giving you a smooth and bug-free experience. Now the iOS 12 mainly focuses on performance, stability, and speed. It aims at doubling the performance.

1.AR Kit 2:

iOS 12 brings new AR Kit 2 which is now much more enhanced and intelligent. The AR Kit brings a new USDZ file format support for 3D models and for a quick look at objects in websites and articles.

The new AR Kit 2 brings Adobe objects to AR and for the first time in any smartphone AR Kit 2 brings AR editing using any Adobe app to edit in real time.

AR also brings realistic rendering, 3D app detection, and a new shared experience. Shared experience allows users to play games and do certain things together in real time. It’s just like playing a multiplayer game.

2.Group Notifications:

iOS 12 brings the much request feature, the ‘Group notifications’ feature. This feature shows you all messages from a particular app in the group so you can tap on it and see other notifications. Earlier this was not the case, we use to see our lock screen cluttered and full of notifications, but now we got the solution.

It also brings ‘Instant tunning’ support through which you can apply certain setting from there itself.

3.Siri, Shortcuts App:

Siri was the first assistant in the market but as years passed it was not developed quite well as other assistants such as Google assistant are becoming faster and smarter but Siri was still lacking behind.

But now with iOS 12, Siri can smarter so you can ask many different commands to it. One good thing we get with iOS 12 is Siri phrase customization. Through a new app called ‘Shortcuts’ now you can set custom phrases to Siri. This makes Siri even more powerful and enhanced.

4.Memoji, Facetime, iMessage:

With iOS 12 support you can create Memoji which lets you create your own cartoon avatar which you can customize as per your liking.  This has many different avatars and you can choose whichever you want and customize it.

Facetime now has support for Group video call which can be done with over 32 people. Animoji and Memoji can be used while in Facetime as well.

Animoji now has tongue detection support and iMessage has iCloud backup support. Memoji can be used to share your funny moods in iMessage.

5. Screen Time App:

The all-new screen time app will show you several reports of usage of your phone. From here you can also limit the certain time for apps. With it, parents can limit the websites which your child should watch and other related contents.

6. Apple Books, Do Not Disturb and Carplay:

iBooks now in iOS 12 is renamed as Apple books which also apparently got a redesign. Do Not disturb now has a new option as ‘Bedtime’ which hide all your notifications at night and it also has a 3D touch option available for more control over it from control center itself.

Carplay now supports third-party navigations which means now you can use Google Maps or any other third party navigation services.


In Photos now you get a new tab called as ‘For You’ tab which shows you featured photos and memories. The ‘For You’ tab is curated for you as per your habits.

Here in this tab, you can also see shared albums or activities.

8.News, Voice Memo and Stocks:

iOS 12 brings integration of News related to stocks in the Stocks application. Voice memo is now available for iPad and has a new design overhaul.

Stocks app is also now available for iPads and in iPad, the News app got a sidebar which shows more options.

9.Measures App:

The new Measures app introduced in iOS 12 lets you measure anything with the help of AR. It uses AR Kit 2 for more accurate measures.

At the event, it was showcased by measuring a suitcase and a photo frame.

How to Install the Developer Beta?

You can get the iOS 12 developer beta by clicking on the link below:

iOS 12 Developer Beta – Link

iOS 12 Developer Beta First Impressions

iOS 12 over iOS 11 feels much faster and smoother, it has new group notifications which make the lock screen and notification center less cluttered.

With the new Measures app, it is easy to measure things accurately. The all-new Measures app makes your day to day life easier and convenient. The Share sheet on iOS 12 opens up 2x faster which make user experience really fast.

Unlike previous iOS 11 beta, this time the iOS 12 Developer beta is stable and fast. It’s good to see that the Developer Beta is stable and less buggy. So the final public release will be much more stable and smooth. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for latest tech news, deals, reviews and more.

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