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Best Online Streaming Services in India in 2018: Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hotstar vs Voot vs TVF vs ALTBalaji


In the Era of Online streaming and Internet Entertainment, many companies have started their own streaming services and now it’s time where users have various options to choose from and pick one which suits them.  But this might be difficult and confusing as new users don’t have the idea of what they get in that particular streaming service. So we list down some of the best online streaming services which are really great and will help you decide to pick one.


Best Online Streaming Services

1. Netflix:

If we think about the most popular streaming service out there then only one name comes and that is ‘Netflix‘. Yes, you already know how popular is Netflix but what you might not know that how costly and expensive Netflix is. To be clear, it is one of the most expensive streaming service available but this is worth due to its huge collections of shows, movies, and Netflix originals.

Netflix one month subscription would cost you Rs. 500 for the basic non-HD pack and goes all the way to Rs.800 for the premium pack which offers Ultra-HD streaming and can be played on 4 screens at a time. Talking about it shows, here we find many popular old, new shows even some select anime can be streamed on Netflix.

So definitely its expensive streaming service but it has a huge collection of shows, movies, and anime as well.

2. Amazon Prime:

One of the biggest competitors of Netflix is Amazon Prime Online streaming service. Just like Netflix, Amazon prime as well offers a list of new movies, shows, and anime as well. But if you are looking for new movies then do notice that not all the movies come to Amazon Prime, only limited movies are available.

Original Shows are quite less on Amazon prime, but it has some Netflix original shows as well such as Robot, Suits etc. Talking about Anime, again the scope here is limited.

But this is not that expensive and yet offers a really good collection of movies. Amazon Prime one-year subscription is for just Rs.999 which is really good for what it offers. But the company has also started Rs.129 monthly subscription which is actually a marketing strategy as it costs you more. So it’s better to get a full one-year subscription.

3. Hotstar:

Hotstar suits more Indian entertainment shows as it has more Indian Television serials then other once. Here you will find a bunch of repeat telecast shows, movies, and sports as well. The collection here is very limited but the good thing here is that Television shows are free to watch, this also includes some free movies as well. But some new movies are only available with the Premium account, so you need to get Hotstar Premium subscription for this.

It is also the official stream partner for HBO in India, so you get shows like Game Of Thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley and more.The Hotstar Premium yearly subscription costs you Rs.999 and monthly subscription costs you Rs 199. Hotstar also has one great package for the sports lovers as it offers access to all sports content at just Rs.199 per year.

4. Voot:

Voot is also one of the options for streaming your favorite Tv shows but this doesn’t have all shows, it only has Colours Tv shows. But Voot has some really good Voot Originals which contains different exclusive Voot shows. In terms of movies, it has a limited number of movies and new movies don’t directly come to Voot and so it makes it hard to recommend Voot.

But the best part about Voot is that it’s free. Yes, you heard it right Voot is free so it’s a thumbs up from us.

5. ALTBalaji:

ALTBalaji offers you movies, TV shows, Originals and other comedy content as well. ALTBalaji again has a limited collection but they are going to add more shows and movies pretty soon. ALTBalaji’s one-year subscription costs you just Rs.300 and three months subscription costs you only Rs.100 which is really good for the price.


TVF is a free online streaming service in which you can stream episodes exclusively from TVF(The Viral Fever). Here you can find all TVF exclusive videos in full length. Being a free service and offering you a lot of exclusive comedy content, this is really from of the best Online Streaming services and so it’s our thumbs up for TVF. So if you need comedy shows or videos then tune in to TVF.

Which One is Best For You?

Moving to the conclusion, Netflix is a giant here as it offers everything that one needs but it’s also the most expensive service and so Amazon prime is what we recommend you as it does have some really great curated content and anime or other shows as well.  But if you want sports then look no other than Hotstar. Also, do check out two of the free services we mentioned above.


So all the online streaming services which we mentioned here are pretty good for what they offer but now it totally depends on you on which to pick. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for latest tech news, deals, reviews and more.

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