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Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets to Make Your Home a Smart Home in 2018


We often try to get the best products for ourselves, whether it be a smartphone or any other gadget, but we miss out on home products and use those regular products which are common and traditional. So today we are listing down some of the best smart home products which you can get to make your home a smart home in India.


Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets

1. Google Home and Amazon Echo:

amazon echo

One of the best things you can get to make your home a smart home is a smart speaker. Google Home and Amazon Echo are two of the best options for a smart home in a budget. If you are not aware, Google Home and Amazon Echo are AI enabled smart speakers.

You can ask anything to them and you will get a solid reply in seconds. This is because both use their own engine to search as well as with the AI integration they work and understand just like humans.

So if you are looking to make your home a smart home, then the Google Home or Amazon Echo anyone of them should be your pick.

Buy it here: Google Home and Amazon Echo

2.Smart LED Bulbs and Lights:

syska smart bulb

Smart LED Bulbs and lights are some of the newest additions to the smart home list. Smart LED from brands like Philips is what popular in the west, but here in India the Philips LED’s and bulbs are overpriced. But brands like Syska are offering Smart LED bulbs for half of the price of Philips bulbs.

These Smart LED bulbs can be controlled with smartphones as well as with Amazon Echo and Google Home. On your smartphone, you have to download an application and you are good to go. With the app, you can change the colours of the bulb, set an alarm which will turn on the light at a specific time and alert you.

Smart LED strips from Xiaomi is available at a low price which will give your home a finishing touch and make your home smart. So LED bulbs are the way to go for a smart home.

Buy it here: Syska smart LED bulb or Philips Hue

3. Smart Cooker From Xiaomi:

Xiaomi smart cokker

This might be an unrelated product to some people but will make your work easy. With the inclusion of other smart gadgets your kitchen should also be smart and so Xiaomi smart cooker will help you with this.

Xiaomi smart rice cooker is a smart product which you can control with your smartphone. You just need to pour in some rice on the cooker and the smart cooker will do its magic. From your smartphone app, you can set cooker timer and other details which makes it convenient as you can set it from anywhere in the house.

So a smart cooker is a must for a smart home.

Buy it here: Smart Cooker From Xiaomi

4. Kwikset 907 Smart Lock:

Kwikset smart lock

Kwikset 907 is a smart lock which you can install on your door and secure your home. This is a smart way of securing your house. Kwikset 907 Smart key/ Smartlock comes with a number of codes which you can input to lock and unlock your house.

There are many patterns to choose from and so it will be a really secure lock for protecting your house. This lock is really useful and can be used to get into the house in an emergency by sending the code to the person who wants to get into the house.

Another model of this smart lock can also be controlled with your smartphone from anywhere which is very convenient. So a smart lock is one of the ways to make your home a smart home.

Buy it here: Kwikset 907 Smart Lock

5. Amazon Fire Tv Stick:

Amazon Fire Tv Stick is a popular product and many use it. If you are not aware, the Amazon Fire Tv Stick is a stick which you have to connect to your Television and then a normal Tv can also become a smart Tv.

This smart stick can be controlled with the remote given in the box and you can also voice input channel numbers to tune in that particular channel. Amazon Echo can also be used to fire up the Tv which is a smart way of turning on Tv.

Amazon Fire Tv offers all types of media entertainment which you need.

Buy it here: Amazon Fire Tv

So this was our list of Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets which will make your not so smart home a smart home. which one do you like? post your comments below. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for latest tech news, deals, reviews and more.

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