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Sid Tech aims at bringing it's viewers best from the world of technology from India and around the world, We want to provide our viewers with the best quality content across all our platforms in the form of latest tech news, unboxings, reviews, comparisons, tips and tricks, daily tech deals and much more.

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Get all the important tech news, unboxings, comparisons, reviews, tips and tricks, and much more about technology in the form high-quality crisp videos.

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Get latest tech deals available on Amazon India and Flipkart, buy your favorite piece of tech at best available price, get daily and weekly deals regularly along with other special offers.

 Siddhant Jain (Founder Sid Tech)

siddhant jain founder sid tech

The world of Sid Tech is created by it's founder Siddhant Jain , which represents his love and tenderness for technology and the knowledge he has attained through his Experience. Through Sid Tech he wants to share with you his opinions and solutions for Technology and help you choose best gadget for you.
Know more about him at siddhantjain.in