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Top 4 Essential Tools For Android in 2018

Tools are used to make the phones efficient. Tools are very necessary for every phone. With the help of these tools, we can customize a smartphone completely. Tools are more or less similar to settings. Some tools are very useful for smartphones. With certain tools, we can prevent certain things happening on the smartphone. With tools, we can add more… Read More
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Top 5 Business And Productivity Apps For Android And IOS

In today’s world, there are so many business apps on google and apple play store. Business apps were made to make the things easier in the business world. As you know most of the people are running their own business and some are looking for jobs. Those days are gone when people require laptops for business or for searching jobs, now… Read More
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Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For Android And iOS in 2018

As you know there are millions of photo editing apps on Google Play and Apple app store. Some are good and some not so good. Photo editing is nowadays popular among youngsters. Today smartphone comes with the much better camera pixels and additional features that give us a much clearer photo, like Nokia, iPhone, Honor, OnePlus, etc. Now phones are coming… Read More
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Top 7 Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones/ Video Editors for Android and iPhone

Video editing can be quite painful sometimes, editing video day and night on your laptop or pc can get can be excruciating. So you want to edit the video in your convenience and ease, here you go today we showcasing Top 7 Best Video Editors for your smartphone, it doesn’t matter whether its an Android or iPhone you just need these apps on… Read More
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Top 7 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India for all your Music listening Needs!

There are a lot of Music listening apps on Playstore and Appstore but you often get confused on which app to use? We have solved your problem as we are showing top music streaming apps in 2018. So ladies and gentlemen check out our list of Top 7 Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India. This list is in no particular… Read More
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Top 5 MUST HAVE Android Apps in 2018

Apps are the main reason you buy a smartphone. Android is the biggest apps platform available and the most popular one too. Hey Whats up Guys Welcome to Sid Tech and these are top 5 must have android apps in 2018, let’s get started.  1. Canva If you are content creator you must have heard about , Canva is… Read More
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Deal of the Day – Nova Launcher Prime at ₹10 or $0.99 Till 2nd January

Nova launcher is often regarded as the best 3rd party launcher available on the Google play store and people love it mainly because of its customization feature. For those who want to enjoy all the benefits of the Nova launcher have to buy their premium version called the Nova Launcher Prime. The Nova Launcher Prime is generally available at $4.99 or… Read More
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Top 5 Best Apps For Android October 2017

Hey whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and these are the Top 5 Best Apps for Android October 2017, so without much further ado let’s get started. 1. Legend First we have Legend which let’s you turn text into stunning animations which you can share with your friends as a Video or GIF . All you have to do is… Read More
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Top 10 Best Apps For Android – September 2017

Hey whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and these are the  Top 10 Best Apps for Android September 2017, so without much further ado let’s get started. 1. Palette First we have palette , this is a very simple app that helps you to find out the color palette of an image, you can take a new photo or select… Read More
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Top 5 Best Apps For Android – August 2017

Hey What-sup guys welcome to Sid Tech and in this Artice, I am going to tell you top 5 best apps for Android, Let’s Get Started. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for monthly best apps videos and articles. 1. Block WiFi Thief First we have block WiFi thief and the name clearly states what this app can do. First you… Read More