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PUBG Mobile is Now Available Globally Via Google Play

One of the most talked about games in the recent past is PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds or as you might know it as PUBG. Now Tencent games have finally launched the Mobile version of the popular. Last Week, the game was made available in Canada as a soft-launch and today the game is available globally via Google Play except for some European regions.… Read More
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Top 5 Low Memory Addictive Games For Android in 2018

We all love to play games on our smartphone. There are many types of games which require different levels of specifications. Not everyone wants to play high-end graphic intensive games, some =want simple ones. Hey, Whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and here are some simple yet addictive games for Android. Let’s get started.   Turn Right First, we have… Read More
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Observe Persona 5 Day With This Launch Trailer

To those tallying the days, the hold up is currently over. Persona 5 dispatches all around today, and pre-arrange bundles should hit post boxes and doorsteps any moment now expecting your merchant of decision gives dispatch day conveyance. In case despite everything you’re sitting tight for that portentous minute, there is a methods for killing time – Atlus and Sony… Read More
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Persona 5 PS4 Share Functionality Is Disabled And Will Continue To Be After Launch

Persona 5 proprietors won’t have the capacity to share their photographs and gameplay cuts for the amusement as designer Atlus has debilitated the PS4 share alternative for it. Atlus affirmed to Polygon that they have to be sure handicapped the PS4 share usefulness for Persona 5 as a result of the single-player nature of the amusement. Whenever inquired as to… Read More
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Star wars Battlefront 2 to be released out on April 13

Star Wars Battlefront may be released in celebration of Star wars in Orlando on April 13.Earlier it was stated to be revealed the next year but Electronic Arts’s chief financial officer Jorgensen claimed,”We’re working very hard on making sure that is an extremely deep and engaging offering.”  Game has been a multi-player-only affair since 2015’s release,hoping that EA adds on… Read More
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Three major updates in POKEMON GO

In ongoing MWC event in Barcelona,Spain ,it  has been revealed that Three major updates in the reality game POKEMON GO have been made. Hanke said that the updates bring stuff users are clamoring for. The game topped the App Store charts last year. However, after continuous bug reports and superfluous gameplay, the excietment went down. He also added that Pokemon Go still has high number… Read More