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YouTube Announces New Monetization Options – Earn More Money With YouTube

VidCon 2018 is going on and the latest one to take the stage is none other than the biggest content creators platform YouTube. Google owned video sharing platform has been really good when it comes to paying it’s creators and now the company is adding even more ways to earn money via the platform. The biggest one is the Channel… Read More
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Facebook Subscription Groups For Admins Announced – Charge For Group Access

One of the most popular social media network, Facebook from a long time is focusing on helping creators earn from its platform. Now the company is focusing on group admins by allowing them to charge $4.99 to $29.99 ( ₹340 to ₹2045) monthly for an exclusive membership for the group members. Facebook is starting this with a small number of… Read More
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Instagram’s YouTube Competitor IGTV Launched – Long Vertical Videos

After many leaks and rumors, Instagram has finally launched its YouTube competitor video platform called IGTV. Facebook-owned photos sharing platform, Instagram has positioned its IGTV platform for creators and is offering s long vertical video format to all the creators. “We’re evolving with the times; these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video.By 2021, mobile video will… Read More
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Open Closed Eyes With Facebook’s New AI – Facebook Research

Over the years, developers and researchers have come out with some amazing tools to make your photographs betters. One of the biggest issue faced by people all around the world is the eyes getting closed while taking a pictures. While developers we are able to fix Red Eye long ago, no is turn for the closed eye. Facebook researchers have… Read More
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Microsoft and WhatsApp Working Together On A UWP App For Windows 10 – Report

One of the most use messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp is one of the few apps that is still relevant on the Windows Mobile Platform and gets updated regularly. But as it is based on Microsoft’s Silverlight, it is not a Universal Windows App that can be used across Windows devices. So there is no standalone WhatsApp app for… Read More
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Instagram Won’t Notify People When You Screenshot Their Story

Instagram in February said that the popular photo sharing network is testing a feature that would notify people if someone took a screenshot of their Instagram Story. Now after 4 months, Facebook-owned company has confirmed that they are no longer testing this feature. Instagram told BuzzFeed News that it has officially ended this test and no one will get notified… Read More
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Facebook Blood Donations Launched in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Last year, Facebook started its new campaign which lets people find blood donor on the social media platform. Now the company has announced a new center called Blood donations. People in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh can find opportunities to donate blood nearby though this new Facebook Blood Donation hub. Facebook will also run campaigns to raise awareness about shortage of… Read More
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Discovering News, Events, Stories Is Now Easier On Twitter

Twitter is bringing a new update to its platform that will help you discover breaking news, events and relevant stories easily. Right now if you want to follow a particular topic,(#FIFAWorldCup2018) you have to find the relevant hashtags, accounts and moments to follow. Now Twitter is making it easier for you to find and follow big events and stories in… Read More
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Instagram is Bringing Shopping To Stories – Shop Via Instagram Stories

One of the most popular photo sharing platform in the world, Instagram has brought a new feature to its platform. While Instagram already offers a way for you to shop via the Instagram feed, now the Facebook owned company is bringing shopping features to Instagram stories. Now when you see a shopping bag sticker in any Instagram stories, you can… Read More
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Facebook Memories Launched – All Content in One Place

Facebook has launched a new feature on its platform called Memories. It is somewhat a extension of its On This Day feature as it shows the moments you have shared with your Facebook Friends over the years. This includes posts, photos, new friends you made and major life events all in one place. It previous On this day feature is… Read More