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Top 5 Low Memory Addictive Games For Android in 2018

We all love to play games on our smartphone. There are many types of games which require different levels of specifications. Not everyone wants to play high-end graphic intensive games, some =want simple ones. Hey, Whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and here are some simple yet addictive games for Android. Let’s get started.   Turn Right First, we have… Read More
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Top 5 Best Free Games For Android & iOS

Mobile gaming is getting bigger and better with each passing day. Whether you are a casual  gamer or a professional one, there are games for everyone. Here are the few games which We feel are the best for the android and iOS users.  You can look at the our Top Games For Android & iOS January 2017 here 1 Roll the ball  Here comes a game with brain teasers. For the people who love some thought provoking fun, this game is worth the shot. Roll the ball is a simple slide puzzle game which is based on the simple concepts of physics, so be… Read More