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Apple App Store, Music, Podcast, Clips and Siri Gets New Features For The FIFA World Cup 2018

Last week, Google announced a bunch of features via which Football fans can get best of the FIFA World Cup 2018 on the Google platform. Now Apple has also announced a bunch of new features of its different apps via which you can get ready for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Let’s start with Siri first, Siri Sports is now… Read More
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Apple is renaming iBooks to Books and Re-Designing the Bookstore

Apple has re-designed quite a few number of apps in recent years. Recently they redesigned the App store and now they are all set to re-design their bookstore. Along with this new overhaul, Apple is also planning to change the name of the bookstore, from “iBooks” to “Books”. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has hired a new director… Read More
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Iris Scanner Galaxy S9, Nokia 6 2018, Google Storyboard, Selfissmio, Scrubbies #55 Tech Updates

Hey whats up guys welcome to another episode of the tech updates, let’s get started. Samsung enabled Iris scanner technology in its Galaxy S8 smartphone and is now all set to take it to the next level with its next flagship called the Samsung Galaxy S9. The iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be improved to better recognize… Read More
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Developers Can Now Offer New Apps For Pre-Order On The Apple App Store

Apple has announced a new update for developers which will let them offer new apps for pre-order via the Apple app store. Customers will be able to pre-order the app via the product page and will get notified once the app is available for download. For paid apps, you will be charged before downloading the app and there is no… Read More