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Honor Band A2 VS Mi Band HRX Edition – Best Budget Fitness Band

Mi Band HRX Edition vs the Honor Band A2 is one the most requested comparison. So in this post let’s put both the budget fitness band side to side and see which one is a better option. The Mi band HRX edition is available at a price of ₹1,299 and the Honor band A2 at ₹2,249, that is almost ₹1,000… Read More
Latest News Latest Videos Reviews Xiaomi 

Mi Band HRX Edition Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Xiaomi re-launched the Mi Band 2 without a heart rate sensor in partnership with the HRX Brand owned by Hritik Roshan and named it Mi Band HRX Edition. Is it worth the Price?  Hey Whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and this is my review of the Mi Band HRX Edition, Let’s get started. The design is same as the… Read More