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These Are The Best Gaming Smartphones To Play PUBG and Fortnite on Insanely High Graphics

With smartphone games such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile, the smartphone gaming is getting serious day by day and so to handle all that gaming we need a powerful smartphone, So here we bring a list of top 6 best gaming Smartphones which will make your gaming experience a bliss. Top 6 Best Gaming Smartphones in 2018  1. Razer… Read More
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PUBG HP Omen Challenger Series Announced – Rs 35,00,000 Prize Money

HP has partnered with PUBG Corp and Intel For PUBG HP Omen Challenger Series. PUBG is one of the most popular game right now and this is a great opportunity to promote the e-sports business. HP along with PUBG Coro and Intel will organise tournaments in countries like India, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, new Zealand and… Read More
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PUBG Sale on Steam, Event Pass Announced – 33 Percent Off on PC Version

Ever since, Epic games launched its PUBG counterpart called Fortnite, PUBG corp is regularly coming up with new updates, offers, versions to compete with Fortnite. After launching it for free on Android and iOS smartphones, PUBG is now available at 33.33% discount via Steam. PUBG announced that it has sold over 50 million units of the game world wide and… Read More
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PUBG For Xbox One Will Get Sanhok Map This Summer, A New Snow Map Announced

Ever since Fortnite game was launched, PUBG Corp has been making PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game PUBG better and better. At the Microsoft’s E3 2018 event, the company announced how the game has been improved for the Xbox One series and what new changes are coming. First off, the Sanhok map which was announced last month was showed off at the event.… Read More
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PUBG Developers Working On To Eliminate Hackers and Improve PC Experience

One of the most popular game in the world of mobile gaming, as well as PC gaming, is PUBG. Players Unknown Battle Ground is a battlefield game in which 100 players around the world compete against each other at the same and the last one surviving wins or as they get the Chicken Dinner. The game is currently free on mobile… Read More
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PUBG Mobile is Now Available Globally Via Google Play

One of the most talked about games in the recent past is PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds or as you might know it as PUBG. Now Tencent games have finally launched the Mobile version of the popular. Last Week, the game was made available in Canada as a soft-launch and today the game is available globally via Google Play except for some European regions.… Read More