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Iris Scanner Galaxy S9, Nokia 6 2018, Google Storyboard, Selfissmio, Scrubbies #55 Tech Updates

Hey whats up guys welcome to another episode of the tech updates, let’s get started. Samsung enabled Iris scanner technology in its Galaxy S8 smartphone and is now all set to take it to the next level with its next flagship called the Samsung Galaxy S9. The iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be improved to better recognize… Read More
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Three New Photography Apps Launched By Google on Android and iOS

Google has launched three new photography applications today called Storyboard, available on Android, Selfissmio, available on iOS and Android and at last Scrubbies, available on iOS only. Google has launched these apps as a part of its recently launched appsperiments program. As you can see from the name appsperiments is a program where Google will do experiments with different apps and… Read More