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Earn More Revenue On YouTube – Non Skippable Ads For All

Google owned popular video sharing platform YouTube has announced a much awaited feature for its creator that will let them earn more revenue from the platform. YouTube today announced that all the creators who can already monteize their videos will soon be able to tunr on non-skippable ads for all the videos. This new change will start rolling out next… Read More
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WhatsApp Backups Will Not Take Your Storage Space On Google Drive

Facebook-owned popular messaging service, WhatsApp has partnered with Google to provide WhatsApp user with free Google Drive storage for WhatsApp backups. From 12th November 2018, WhatsApp backups will no longer count towards Google Drive storage quota. Currently if you backup your WhatsApp data on Google Drive it will take space from your total free storage. This is great as the backups… Read More
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Facebook Blood Donations Launched in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Last year, Facebook started its new campaign which lets people find blood donor on the social media platform. Now the company has announced a new center called Blood donations. People in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh can find opportunities to donate blood nearby though this new Facebook Blood Donation hub. Facebook will also run campaigns to raise awareness about shortage of… Read More
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Discovering News, Events, Stories Is Now Easier On Twitter

Twitter is bringing a new update to its platform that will help you discover breaking news, events and relevant stories easily. Right now if you want to follow a particular topic,(#FIFAWorldCup2018) you have to find the relevant hashtags, accounts and moments to follow. Now Twitter is making it easier for you to find and follow big events and stories in… Read More
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Facebook Memories Launched – All Content in One Place

Facebook has launched a new feature on its platform called Memories. It is somewhat a extension of its On This Day feature as it shows the moments you have shared with your Facebook Friends over the years. This includes posts, photos, new friends you made and major life events all in one place. It previous On this day feature is… Read More
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No Phone Number Needed For Facebook’s New Two-Factor Authentication

Every big social-media platform today gives the option for two-factor authentication. Which makes your account 2X secure with an additional layer of authentication. An OTP on the phone number is the most popular two-factor authentication method and now Facebook has removed the requirement of a phone number for two-factor authentication. Facebook has announced its changed two-factor authentication process. Previously Facebook… Read More
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GIF Stickers Are Back on Instagram and New Full Screen Ads

Facebook-owned photo-sharing a platform Instagram has announced two new big updates. After getting removed for a brief period, GIF Stickers are back on Instagram stories. Instagram launched the new GIF stickers for stories back in January and the feature was quite popular. These GIF stickers were powered Giphy and were removed earlier this month due to an incident involving inappropriate stickers.… Read More
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BlackBerry Sues Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Over BBM Patent Infringement

Blackberry smartphones were one of the top smartphones manufacturers back in time mainly due to its Blackberry Messenger Service. But due to services like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other instant messengers, Blackberry lost one of its biggest USP. The company had to finally bring its BBM app to Android and iOS as they have to earn via there services. Now the… Read More
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Facebook will be Launching a New Local News and Events Section on the App

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks in the world and its users read a lot of news via specific pages, groups, and posts on the platform. Now the company wants to make it easier for people to find local news from approved publishers and local authorities. Facebook is testing this new feature in six cities for… Read More
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Now Live Stream With Your Friend On Instagram – Going Live With A Friend

Facebook owned photo sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature called going live with a friend which let’s you add another person in your live stream. The new feature in now available in version 20 of Instagram App for Android and iOS. The feature will roll out globally in the coming weeks. Instagram announced this in a blog post… Read More