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Discovering News, Events, Stories Is Now Easier On Twitter

Twitter is bringing a new update to its platform that will help you discover breaking news, events and relevant stories easily. Right now if you want to follow a particular topic,(#FIFAWorldCup2018) you have to find the relevant hashtags, accounts and moments to follow. Now Twitter is making it easier for you to find and follow big events and stories in… Read More
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Twitter App Updated For Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Twitter has finally updated its Windows App to the new Twitter Progressive web app. Microsoft is encouraging developers around the world to create Progressive Web Apps which are much faster and also supports the new Windows 10 theme for the more streamlined experience. The new twitter app is no different, Twitter announcing the update said “This new app has been… Read More
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Snap Inc’s Stock Value Goes Down Due To Kylie Jenner Tweets

Once the king of the photo-sharing app platform, Snapchat has been bashed by users all over the world due to their latest redesign. Now the company has lost around $1.3 Billion (₹8,400 crores) in market value due to a single tweet. Popular reality star Kylie Jenner tweeted that is not using the app. Kylie Jenner tweeted saying”sooo does anyone else not… Read More
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LG V30 India, Galaxy S9, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, Twitter, Instagram Hashtag #56 Tech Updates

Hey, whats-up guys welcome to another episode of the tech updates. Synaptics, fingerprint scanner manufacturer announced that they have begun the mass production of its new Clear ID FS9500 in-display fingerprint scanner for top-five OEMs. Top five OEMs means Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO or maybe LG. They did not specify any OEM but they mentioned infinity display quite a… Read More
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Twitter Launched a New Feature Called Threads To Create Tweetstorms Easily

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and top preferred social network by most of the famous personalities. One thing that people always wanted on twitter was to create huge threads, but doing that was pretty difficult. Twitter has now made it easier for users to build tweetstorms by linking together posts in threads and expanding the length… Read More
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Twitter Now Supports 50-Characters Display Name And 15-Characters Username

Earlier this week Twitter made one of the biggest change ever since it’s launch, tweet character limit increased from 140 to 280-characters. And now the company has increased the character limit in two more places. Now you can have up to 50 characters in your display name like we have changed our twitter display name from “Sid Tech” to “Sid Tech… Read More
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24 Hours News Streaming On Twitter From Bloomberg

According to Wall Street Journal , Twitter will be partnering with Bloomberg to stream live video 24/7. Through this Bloomberg will be be creating exclusive content for Twitter, it would be a mix of Bloomberg’s global content and content from Twitter Verified users. We don’t know the name of this news streaming service yet  but according to the WSJ, itwill be officially announced… Read More