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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Revealed in an Official Poster Ahead of 12th June Launch

Xiaomi is all set to launch the next smartphone in its popular entry level Redmi series called the Redmi 6. While its predecessor Redmi 5 was launched just 6 months back, Xiaomi thinks its time to update the series. Xiaomi is expected to three new Redmi smartphones at the event including Redmi 6, Redmi 6A and Redmi 6 Plus or… Read More
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Xiaomi Redmi 6 To Launch in China on 12th June

After many leaks, rumors, and speculations, Xiaomi is all set to launch it next entry-level smartphone Redmi 6 in China on 12th June. While Redmi 5 was released just 6 months back in December 2017, Xiaomi is bringing the next version of the smartphone. Just like last year, We expect Xiaomi to launch the Redmi 6 Plus long with the… Read More
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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Leaked Online – Specifications, Images

Lately, Xiaomi has been launching a lot of smartphones. Last year in December Xiaomi launched its popular entry-level smartphone called the Redmi 5 in China with a global launch in February. We are now almost half-way through the year and we have the leaked specifications and images of the Xiaomi Redmi 6. Three new Xiaomi smartphones with model number M1804C3DE,… Read More