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1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of Watch Time Needed to Earn via Youtube – YPP Update

In 2017, we have seen a lot of creators come up on youtube especially from India but with the increase in the number of creators, we also saw an increase in the number of bad quality content. Last year Youtube changed there Youtube Partner Program (YPP) with a minimum of 10,000 channel views needed to earn view youtube. Now the… Read More
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YouTube Announces Its Own Stories Like Feature Called Reels

Google’s video sharing platform is the most popular video sharing platform and it is constantly bringing new changes to help creators connect with their audience. Last year they announced Community tab for a limited number of creators and now they are announcing Reels. Reels is pretty much like the Snapchat, Instagram stories, where you can post a small video for… Read More
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Youtube Introduces Creator On The Rise 

Youtube is becoming bigger and bigger, more and more people are coming up on YouTube as a creator. There has been an amazing growth especially in India after the introduction of Jio. Youtube always tries to encourage creators to do better with programmes like next up and different workshops. And now youtube has announced another campaign called Creator On The Rise… Read More